Tips for Exercising With Psoriasis

Exercise may boost your immune system and promote skin healing.

 Tips for Exercising With Psoriasis

By Psoriasis Alliance Staff Published at May 2 Views 1,136 Comments 1

People with psoriasis may be afraid to exercise because it might worsen symptoms. But there are often ways to get your workouts in without aggravating skin troubles. With your doctor’s approval, try these tips.

Shorter sessions

Some people believe that a good workout must be long and grueling. That may not be the best idea for people who have psoriasis. Heavy sweating could irritate your skin. Dividing your workout into shorter periods with brief breaks in between will help you sweat less and allow for more drying time.

Losing weight takes time

Your doctor may have suggested that losing excess weight will help reduce your psoriasis symptoms. Also, people who have folds of skin and a higher body mass index are at a higher risk of developing psoriasis. The key to losing weight in a healthy manner is to not expect too much too soon. A good diet and exercise plan will work its magic gradually. Be patient.

Relieve stress

Emotions may trigger skin problems. Many people find their acne or psoriasis worsens with stress. Working out can be a great stress reliever because physical activity helps the body produce happiness hormones like serotonin. Getting active helps to clear the mind too. If you're worried about the sweating problem, consider low-intensity movements. Exercises like stretching and yin yoga are great ways to improve your muscle tone and mentally decompress.

Yoga and other exercises may be great ways to help reduce psoriasis symptoms and relieve stress.

Boost your immune system

A healthy immune system can better manage health issues like psoriasis. The U.S. National Library of Medicine says exercising is one way to support your immune system. It helps your body expel toxins from your lungs and airway, which may help you have fewer airborne illnesses like colds and flu. Also when you exercise, your body temperature rises. This can kill bacteria and help prevent infections. That may be particularly helpful if you have psoriasis and are trying to avoid skin infections that are all too common. Along with exercising, eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruits for the essential nutrients that promote a healthy immune system.

After your workouts

Be sure to bathe after sweat-inducing workouts to help your skin heal. If physical activity worsens your psoriasis, talk to your doctor about adjusting your treatment plan or finding different exercises that won’t irritate your skin.

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